Yesterday, our IEEE group held the first session of IEEE TechTalks, the brainchild of my roomie Parth. It’s based on the lines of TED Talks, what with 15-20 minutes of fast talking, presentaions and videos, but involves more audience interaction and debating.

I spoke on Cloud Computing and Chrome OS. Most of the people in the audience didn’t have a clue about what the Cloud is, so I hope I did good. This was the second talk I’ve ever given so far, so I hope I did good.
I ended the talk with a two-minute video by google that explained what the cloud was, how computing habits have evolved, how the web has evolved in the past two decades, and how Chrome OS would augment/complement new computing habits.
The talk’s here
Today we finished Professor ChePa’s Creative Assignment™. It has been titled “Daastan-e-Small-Signal”.

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